What started as an Instagram account to post cool photos grew into a much bigger passion that he anticipated. I started the “Jeff Gets Creative” Instagram account back in the early fall of 2019 in hopes to keep my creativity and passion for art alive while working my day job that hindered my creativity. I set the goal for myself to post one creative and original piece of art on my feed once a week to start, and see if that would spark my creative fire.


I thought my video skills would be the forefront of my feed, but I found a surprising love of photography on my journey. From then on I changed my focus on Instagram to photography and getting out into the world and taking as many pictures as possible.


Today, I have been working at a new job that gives me creative freedom and encourages me to get creative with my photo and video, and am now taking my photography skills and shooting product photography, street photography, family photos, food and beverage photography, engagement photos, and more! On top of that I am also starting a podcast to talk with fellow creatives about their creative processes and collaborate on work.


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